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Wellness Consultation
During this 60-minute appointment with a physician or advanced practice provider, they will explore your client’s personal and family health history, clarify their health goals and create a personalized lifestyle plan they can actually live with. They will use evidence-based treatment options, personalized support and self-care practices to make the most of your client’s health.

The Wellness Consultation and any additional follow-up appointments are to support your client’s medical care, as provided by their primary doctor. They are encouraged to have an established relationship with a primary care provider, as they are unable to provide primary care or acute care.

Group Medical Visits

Learn self-management skills for lifestyle and behavioral changes, as they relate to specific medical problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease.

Typically lasting 90-120 minutes, Group Medical Visits are led by a physician. Patients are seen in a group setting with 10-15 other patients. The group meets every other week for 16 weeks. This type of visit includes a medical evaluation. A regular office charge will be submitted to your client’s insurance provider. Copayments and / or coinsurance may apply, depending on their specific health plan. Please check with your client’s insurer regarding coverage.

Visit uwhealth.org/tacwellness for information and pricing or call (608) 440-6600.

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UW Health Center for Wellness