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Spotlight on Pharmacy Programs

We offer many kinds of prescription drug coverage. This drug coverage may include different types of payments. Offering our pharmacy programs and benefits to your clients or prospects may be a good selling tool. Whatever your clients needs are, we have a plan to cover it.


New Member Override

Members new to Unity may be taking medicines that need a Prior Authorization for coverage. Unity’s formularies will note the drugs that need Prior Authorization. In this case, Unity will authorize coverage for these drugs for up to 90 days (in 30 day increments at the usual copayment). After those 90 days, prior authorization will be required for additional coverage. In the meantime, new members should talk to the doctor who prescribed the medicine. The doctor can check to see if a different drug will work.

Members can request a “New Member Override.” To do this, the member or pharmacy can call Unity Pharmacy Services at 800.788.2949. This should be done within the first 90 days of becoming a Unity member.


Please note: this policy only applies to medications that a member was taking prior to joining Unity. Standard copays based on the member’s drug benefit and formulary status of the medication apply.

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Spotlight on Pharmacy Programs


Choice90 makes it easier for members to receive a 90-day supply of the medicine they are taking most often. More than 1,000 pharmacies in Wisconsin participate in the program.

A member’s medicine may be covered in the Choice90 program if –

  • The medication is listed as a maintenance medication in national databases
  • The member has been on the same medication at the same dose for the past 90 days
  • The cost of a 90-day supply is within the Choice90 limits
  • The member will keep his / her coverage with Unity for the next 90 days
  • All other benefit requirements have been met including prior authorization, step therapy, generic substitution and quantity requirements*

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*The program is not available for Unity members with drug coverage through Navitus or BadgerCare Plus, or those who do not have a drug benefit. Medications that are excluded from coverage are not eligible for Choice90. Medications that require Prior Authorization must have a valid prior authorization in place before Choice90 will process.