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Health Coaching Available to Unity Members

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Unity offers health coaching to members who, based off of results from a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) or a recent hospitalization, may be at dealing with high levels of stress or may be at risk for developing heart disease or diabetes.  Health Coaching is also available to members who would like to improve their health and would like some help moving in the right direction.

Health Coaching is –

  • An effective way to help improve overall health and well-being
  • A process that involves the individual choosing the area to work on, such as eating habits, taking their medication, lowering stress or increasing physical activity
  • Meant to be a partnering, supporting, and guiding relationship
  • Talking with a coach who will work with you to identify strengths, create a plan, and come up with action steps/tasks to reach your goals
  • Exploring what might be getting in the way of reaching goals
  • Confidential
  • Brief – three to six telephonic sessions

If you are interested in learning more about Unity’s Health Coaching Program, please contact Unity’s Health Services Department at 866.884.4601 or healthservices@unityhealth.com.  You may also contact us through an online form which can be found on the Unity Website.


Health Coaching