Welcome to ​Quartz

Thank you for choosing ​Quartz! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your health plan. To help you, we've created this member kit to walk you through important details.

Accessing Care

Quartz wants you to receive the care you need, when you need it. You may need different types of care depending on your situation. This video will help you determine what type of care you need. Below is a summary of how to access care depending on your needs –

Routine Care Contact your Primary Care Provider's (PCP) clinic 
Specialty Care Contact your PCP clinic, they will tell you how to get appropriate care 
After-Hours Care Contact your PCP clinic, they will tell you how to get appropriate care
Urgent Care Go to a participating urgent care center if your injury is not life-threatening but you need prompt attention 
Emergency Care Go to the nearest hospital or call 911 
Care Away From Home Contact your PCP clinic or if it's an emergency go directly to the nearest hospital
Behavioral Health Care  For assistance coordinating your behavioral health services, including alcohol and drug treatment services, please contact UW Health – Behavioral Health Care Management at 608.233.3575 or toll free at 800.683.2300.

If you are looking for a primary care physician at a UW Health Clinic and need help selecting one, visit the UW Health Welcome Center, an individualized service available to help new  members select primary care physicians and transition their care to UW Health. 

Understanding Your Plan

Select any of the options below to learn more about the different features of your health plan. You'll find other important plan information in the How Insurance Works section of the website.

+ ID Card

Review your ID card to make sure your information is correct. Keep it in your wallet and show it each time you receive care. You can print ID cards or request a new one through MyChart.MyChart link

+ Benefit Information

Your Schedule of Benefits (SOB) and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) contain a summary of your benefits. Your Certificate of Coverage contains information about your plan including limitations and exclusions. Visit MyChart to view these documents.MyChart link

+ Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Your explanation of benefits informs you of what ​your plan has paid and what you might owe after receiving care. Learn more about your EOB and sign up to receive electronic EOBs in MyChart.MyChart link

+ Find a Doctor

Our Find a Doctor tool provides search features for participating practitioners and providers. You can search by Primary Care ​Provider, Specialist, Location, Facility and more.

+ Helpful Videos
  • Understanding Health Care Expenses – Most benefit plans have fees that you need to pay depending on the care you receive. These payments are called “out-of-pocket expenses.” This video helps explain the different costs.
  • Understanding Your Summary of Benefits and Coverage – This video walks you through a typical benefit document.  It’s a quick and easy way to understand how to read your benefit documents.
  • How Health Insurance Works – Health insurance is a way to help reduce your cost of health care when it is needed. This video will help you learn more about how insurance really works.

This Member Kit is for members who have ​insurance through the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program.
If you have insurance through an employer group, BadgerCare Plus or have purchased an Individual and Family Plan, please select the correct member kit for information about your plan.