Premium Payments for Individual and Family Plans

Unity offers a variety of ways to pay your premium invoice. Choose the one that works best for you. 

Paying by email is easy and secure.

You will receive an email from Unity when your invoice is ready. The invoice is attached to the email and you can open it securely. Just type in your banking information, the amount you want to pay and when you want to pay.

To sign up for email billing, simply login to MyChart and change your Premium Billing Preference to “Email”. If you don’t have a Unity MyChart account, sign up for MyChart today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my bill by email?

Each month, you will receive a secure invoice at the email address you’ve provided to Unity. Open the attachment to view your invoice and pay through the PDF.

The payment feature is on the first page of the PDF and the invoice details are found on the following pages. To pay through the Premium Invoice PDF, follow these steps –  

  1. On the first page of the Premium Invoice PDF, enter your bank account details (the Bank Routing Number and the Bank Account Number)
  2. Select the type of bank account you’re using (usually checking or savings) 
  3. Chose either “Pay Current Invoice Statement Balance Today” or “Pay Different Amount on the Date Provided Below” and fill out the amount and date you’d like to pay. You can select the date you want the payment to be made, up to 30 days past the first of the month
  4. Select the “PAY NOW” button to pay
  5. Select “Allow” when the security pop-up appears. You will see a confirmation page
Can I pay my Premium Invoices in advance?

Yes, you may pay your premium in advance; however, we only bill monthly. When you get your next invoice you may pay as many months as you wish. We will send you a monthly invoice showing a credit or amount due after the credit is used.

When will my payment be reflected?

Your payment will be reflected on the next months’ invoice. Keep in mind that if you pay close to the “Date Due”, you may receive another invoice.