EDI, also known as Electronic Claims Submission, allows medical providers to send and receive health care claims information. ​Quartz supports all HIPAA-compliant electronic transactions. 

Submit claims to ​Quartz one of two ways –

  • Directly to ​Quartz 
  • Or, through a third-party clearinghouse

Please Note: Scheduled maintenance downtime takes place the third Thursday of each month between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. During this time, you will not be able to perform Benefit / Eligibility (270/271 v5010 EDI) and Claim status (276/277 v5010 EDI) inquiries. Downtimes do not occur on holidays unless an emergency or scheduled maintenance occurs.


Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA / 835) & Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If you are a new or existing trade partner and would like to implement ERA and / or EFT with ​Quartz complete the following form(s) –

Medicare Crossover

Effective July 1, 2017, ​Quartz will begin coordinating Medicare Part A and Part B claims with CMS through CMS’ Medicare Crossover program.  ​Quartz will send an eligibility file to CMS on a bi-weekly basis (Monday) for all lines of business.  Note:   This does not include the Quartz ASO product line.  Once eligibility is submitted, any claim which meets the selection criteria would crossover to ​Quartz.  Any paid claims will be sent to ​Quartz after 14 days from the claim receipts has passed, while denied and adjusted claims will be sent to Quartz after CMS has processed the claim.

Connectivity Companion Document

If you’re a trading partner interested in ​Quartz's web related HIPAA transactions, please use this document as your guide: Quartz Connectivity Companion Guide.

Submitting Claims through a Third-Party Clearinghouse

​Quartz accepts claims electronically through third-party clearing houses.  ​Quartz uses the following EDI vendors –

  • McKesson (Relay Health) 800.527.8133
  • Netwerkes 800.765.6713
  • Change Healthcare (Formerly Emdeon, excludes ERA) 877.469.3263
  • PayerPath 877.347.6691
  • SSI Group 800.880.3032
  • G and C Clearing House 888.456.9707
  • Healthcare Data Systems 800.486.2273  (Excludes ERA)
  • CPSI 251.662.4078
  • ClaimLogic 405.942.9800
  • Viatrack 800.426.3385
  • Health Claims Services 608.831.1563
  • Outsource Inc 262.544.4442

If you are a provider and would like to submit claims through a third-party clearinghouse, please contact one of the above clearinghouses.


Have Questions or Need Assistance?

If you have questions regarding this process or need assistance, please contact our EDI Analysts for more information:

Email: EDI@quartzbenefits.com

Phone: 800.362.3310 (ask for EDI)