Tips for choosing the pharmacy that’s right for you

Choosing the right pharmacy is as important as choosing the right doctor (Primary Care Physician or PCP).

Unity supports the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC). This group developed guidelines that help pharmacies give high quality service. These are known as “best practices”. To earn WPQC credentials, a pharmacy must show that it consistently follows all of the best practices.


Consider these tips to help choose the best pharmacy –

Quality Credentialed

Use pharmacies that have credentials from the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC). These stores handle prescriptions in the safest way possible. The pharmacist at a WPQC pharmacy will take an active role in understanding and managing all of your drugs. The pharmacists in credentialed pharmacies provide one-on-one education and services to help you use your medications properly.

Helps Manage Your Health

  • The pharmacist knows you, your health issues and your medication history. The pharmacist will check your history before filling your order
  • The pharmacist is happy to work with your doctor concerning your medicine
  • The pharmacist helps you understand how to use a new prescription or OTC medication. This includes describing how to take the medicine. It also should include what drug interactions could happen and what to do about side effects
  • The pharmacist will ask you how medication is working. This includes questions about any side effects and other questions to learn how your medicine is working

Helpful and Confidential

  • The pharmacy provides an environment where you feel comfortable discussing confidential health concerns
  • The pharmacist is willing to answer any questions using plain language, help you understand the answers and not have you feel rushed
  • The pharmacist will ask for refills and help solve any coverage issues for you
  • The pharmacist will make you aware of alternative medicines with lower copays. If you ask, the pharmacist will ask your doctor to make a change to a cheaper medicine

Use the Same Pharmacy

Having all of your medications filled at one pharmacy is helpful.  It gives the pharmacist all of the information needed to give you the best service.  The pharmacist will be familiar with your health care needs. This also means that your medication records are at one place. This reduces the risk of duplicating medications and having drug interactions.

Select a Pharmacy in Unity’s Participating Pharmacy Network

Use the Find a Pharmacy tool to find a network pharmacy near you.



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