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To check the formulary status or restriction status of a drug

Unity's Prescription Drug Formulary

To obtain a copy of Unity’s Prescription Drug Formulary

Print the Drug Formulary or Call Unity's Customer Service at 800.362.3310

To appeal a Prior Authorization denial

Call Unity's Customer Service at 800.362.3310

To speak to a clinical pharmacist about why a Prior Authorization Request was denied

Call the Quartz Pharmacy Progra  at 888.450.4884

For criteria for coverage of a medication

Call the Quartz Pharmacy Program at 888.450.4884 or read the info at Medication Prior Authorization

Early refills, vacation supplies, emergency supplies, new member supply, reimbursement of medications purchased out-of-pocket

Visit Pharmacy Programs and Policies

To enroll in the Specialty Pharmaceuticals program

Call the UW Health Pharmacy at 866.894.3784; or,
Call the Gundersen Health System Pharmacy at 877.208.1096

To inquire about the Specialty Pharmaceuticals program

Visit Pharmacy Programs and Policies

To check the status of a prior authorization Call Medimpact Customer Service at 800.788.2949

For information about Blood Clotting Factor products for patients with hemophilia / bleeding disorders who require treatment.

Factor Products are covered under the Medical Benefit and provided from UW Health Specialty Pharmacy.

Contact: UW Health Pharmacy at 866.894.3784


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