What is a Drug Formulary?

The Unity Drug Formulary is a list of safe, effective and cost-effective drugs. These are the drugs that are covered by Unity prescription benefits.

Not all prescription drugs are covered by Unity

Drugs may fall into the following categories –

  • Excluded: Some drugs or groups of drugs are not covered under your Unity prescription drug benefit. These are called excluded medications. Examples include: drugs to treat hair loss, sexual dysfunction or drugs for cosmetic use. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications may be excluded. Excluded drugs are not listed on the Unity Prescription Drug formulary. Your specific benefit exclusions are listed in the Exclusions section of your Prescription Drug Benefit RiderMyChart link
  • Restricted: Restricted drugs need Prior Authorization or Step Therapy before you can get coverage. Restricted drugs may be preferred or non-preferred. You can find which drugs are restricted in the Drug Formulary
  • Non-​preferred drugs: Some Unity plans cover non-​preferred drugs. Most often, these drugs have higher copays or you pay the coinsurance amount. Read your Unity Prescription Drug Benefit RiderMyChart link to find out if need prior authorization for non-preferred drugs
  • Some drugs are covered only at certain times. Check your Unity Prescription Drug Benefit RiderMyChart link for full information


About the Formulary

View Unity’s Prescription Drug Formulary two ways –

  • View the complete list in our up-to-date Formulary. This list does not include your costs for the drugs
  • Visit MedImpact's website. This site is very helpful because you can price-check drugs to see what your copay may be. This tool gives more detail and specific member costs. You will have to register to use this free site