Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage

Some plans provide coverage for one hearing aid per ear every 36 months.  Please see your SBC, Certificate of Coverage or call customer service to see if your plan includes hearing aid coverage.

Covered Hearing Aids

If your plan covers hearing aids, the following brands and specific models listed below will be covered.*  Costs of treatment related to hearing aids such as ear molds and fittings are only covered when the hearing aid model is covered.


Please note: this coverage does not apply to members with State and Local Government or BadgerCare Plus plans.

These models are covered as of January 1, 2018.

Hearing Aids

Model or Type**

Technology Levels


Audeo B
B30 – B50
Audeo V
V30 – ​V50
Bolero V
V30 – V50
​Nadia V
V30 – V50
​Sky V
V30 – V50
Virto V V30 – V50
V30 – V50
B30 – B50

Unique 110 – 220
Dream 110 – 220
Super 220
GN Resound


Linx2 3 – 5
3 – 5
Magna 4
2 – 3
Up Smart
​3 – ​5
 Siemens (Signia)
Primax Motion
2PX – 3PX
Primax Insio 2PX – 3PX
 Primax Carat
2PX – 3PX
Orion 2

Sirion 2

 Unitron  Moxie KISS
T500 – T600
 Stride P
E – 6
 Oticon Opn 3
Nera 2
Ria 2
SP4 – SP6
 Starkey Muse
i1000 – ​ i1200
Z-Series i20 – ​ i30
​Halo i70

** Covered models include only the following –

  • BTE (behind the ear)
  • RIC (receiver in the ear)
  • ITE (in the ​ear)
  • ITC (in the canal)​

These models will be reviewed at least annually to update the list of approved hearing aids.



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*Hearing aids must be obtained from a participating Unity provider. Participating hearing aid providers must submit both the appropriate code and the specific manufacturer and model on the claim for correct processing.