From checkups to treating common illness, Primary Care Provider (PCPs) take care of your routine health problems. Your PCP leads your health care team that can include doctors, nurses, specialists, therapists and other health care givers.


Primary care includes –

  • Helping you live a healthy lifestyle
  • Helping prevent illness
  • Helping maintain your health
  • Counseling
  • Coordination of care
  • Patient education
  • Finding and treating new or long-term illnesses in a range of health care settings

Be fully involved with your health care. Make sure your doctor understands you and that you understand what your doctor is saying.

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Primary Care Provider

Primary care is given by your personal doctor, known as your Primary Care Provider p(PCP). Your PCP often works with other health care givers. PCPs research your problem or send you to specialists when necessary.

PCPs may be trained in –

  • Family Practice
  • Family Practice with Obstetrics
  • General Practice
  • Geriatric Physician
  • Internal Medicine Physician
  • Pediatrics


Other Primary Care Providers

Other health care givers like nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) provide some primary care. This care includes annual exams, urgent care and follow up of ongoing health care.

Only a MD can be listed as a Primary Care Provider (PCP) on your ID card. The PCP leads a team of health care givers working together to provide your care

Your doctor is responsible for your care. The PCP leads a team of health care givers working together to provide your care


UW Health e-Visits

Another way to get care is through a UW Health e-Visit. An e-Visit is an online visit between you and a UW Health care giver about a minor health problem. Check to seeMyChart link if your plan includes e-Visits.


Preventive Care

Your PCP will work with you to help prevent illness. Many services to keep you healthy are provided at no cost.* This includes regular screenings, immunizations and other tests to keep you as healthy as possible.

Keep in mind that only the preventive services on the list are at no cost to you.  If you see a doctor to get the preventive service and also talk about other health concerns, you will be charged for the non-preventive care services.  Charges are based on your plan.



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*The Affordable Care Act requires all insurance plans to cover specific preventive services when these services are delivered by a network provider.