How do I know what my medical costs will be?

If your doctor tells you that you need surgery or some kind of treatment, what will you have to pay?  Unity has some tools that will help you know your costs ahead of time.


Charges for medical services fall into several categories –

  • Hospital charges – The Wisconsin PricePoint tool lets you find out what Wisconsin hospitals charge for medical services. Keep in mind that other charges may be involved with hospital stays and that the rates are provided simply as a guideline
  • Doctor and specialist charges – This is the amount your doctors charge for their services. This bill may be separate from your hospital and other invoices
  • Laboratory test charges – depending on your treatment, you may need lab tests.These bills may be separate from your hospital bill
  • X-Ray charges – These charges may be separate from your hospital charges. It depends on where you had the service and if the service is a normal part of the treatment. This information can be found in your benefit documents
  • Other charges – Depending on the treatment, your doctor may order other services that may be billed separately


Estimate your cost

Determine costs you may incur prior to receiving health care services using the Determination of Benefits FormMyChart link. To complete the form, you will have to ask your provider for certain medical coding information including procedure codes, procedure modifiers and unit codes for the services.

If you are using UW Health, call UW Health Priceline at 608.263.1507 for a personalized estimate.

The out-of-pocket costs you may pay vary based on your specific benefits.

You can also contact Unity Customer Service by sending a message.MyChart link