Protect Your Children

Getting a series of shots can help keep your children from getting certain kinds of harmful diseases. These immunizations help your children become immune to some diseases. Not all immunizations are shots. Some are given as a few drops into the child’s mouth.

Doctors have developed a schedule that shows when children need to get their immunizations.

Take a quick quiz to find out what immunizations your child needs.

Before children can go to daycare or school, their immunizations must be up-to-date. Be sure to check the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for the school and daycare requirements.

Find answers to common questions about childhood immunization safety from the Centers for Disease Control.


Earn rewards for getting your kids fully immunized!

Fill it in and Win is a drawing for fully immunized two-year-old members. The drawing includes a chance to win cash prizes.


Information about Immunization Safety

Some parents are worried that immunizations (also known as vaccines) are not safe to give their children. This question has been studied very thoroughly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a webpage that provides safety information about vaccines / immunizations.

If you have any questions about your child’s immunizations, talk to your doctor or nurse.

Adult Immunizations 

Some immunizations need another (booster) dose for adults. This booster fully protects the adult. In addition, there are some immunizations that are only given to adults. Whether the person needs a certain immunization is based on age, sex, lifestyle, travel, long-term illness and other factors. View the suggested schedule.


What Immunizations Do You Need?

Take a quick quiz to find out more.

Different immunizations are needed throughout life. Be sure to talk with your doctor or nurse to see what immunizations are right for you and your family.


Immunization Resources

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