Personal Wellness Portal
Your Personal Wellness Portal

​Quartz's personal wellness portal offers many resources to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Wellness PortalResources include –

  • A health risk assessment
  • Nutrition resources
  • Exercise resources
  • A variety of health workshops
  • Your own health tracking page
  • And more!

You can record food intake, exercise, steps, weight, blood pressure and more. The portal displays your information with helpful graphs and progress charts.

If you’re interested in trying out a new workout, the Exercise Examples show you how to do a range of exercises. Options include core, upper body, lower body and stretching exercises. You can also take advantage of the 20 personalized exercise plans available. Each plan shows a full description of the exercise and includes several days of workouts, tips and benefits of each exercise. Another option is to create your own exercise plan and add it to the portal.

If you’re interested in weight management, you can find some helpful tools. Develop a meal plan using your customized “nutritional needs” page, or develop a weight loss plan, track your weight, food, exercise and more. 

You can even track your blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and glucose if that’s a part of your wellness plan. The personal wellness portal is versatile, offering the level of detail and tracking to meet your personal needs.

FitBitConnect Your Devices
The personal wellness portal now can connect to ​your mobile tracking device. If you have a ​tracking device, log into your personal wellness portal and follow the instructions to connect your device. Once connected, your steps will automatically be tracked in the portal. This allows you to manage all of your exercises in one place!

The Personal Wellness Portal is not available to ​State of Wisconsin and Local Government Members.