What Is 9 Months & MoreSM?

9 Months and MoreThe 9 Months & More program helps mothers-to-be and new moms. The program supports moms until the baby is two months old. This program is available to all ​Quartz members who are currently pregnant.


How the Program Works

After your doctor or nurse confirms your pregnancy, ask ​for an application to be enrolled in ​Quartz's 9 Months & More program. Or, you can login to MyChartMyChart link to download an application form. To receive all the incentives from the program, you need to complete your application before you finish the 20th week of pregnancy.

Once you have submitted your application form, a Quality Care Coordinator will contact you within two weeks. The Coordinator will help you complete the enrollment process and tell you more about 9 Months & More. Your Coordinator will continue to help throughout the whole program.

To receive a gift, you must fulfill all of the 9 Months & More requirements.


How to earn a 9 Months & More Gift

  • You must enroll before the end of your 20th week of pregnancy
  • Go to all of your clinic visits before and after the birth. Track them on the 9 Months & More “Recommended Schedule of Appointments” CardMyChart link
  • See Quartz network care givers during your pregnancy and after the birth
  • Work with a Quality Care Coordinator each trimester and after the birth
  • Have a checkup 21 to 56 days after the birth
  • Notify ​your Quality Care Coordinator if you change where you receive your prenatal care
  • Complete all of your clinic visits and sign the 9 Months & More “Recommended Schedule of Appointments” Card. You must be a ​Quartz member ​throughout the program.
  • Send in your “Recommended Schedule of Appointments” card within ​90 days of delivery​


Helpful Texts & Mobile Apps

9 Months & More members can also sign up for text4baby. Text4baby is a free mobile service that helps promote the health of mothers and children. 


Complete your Postpartum Checkup and earn $15*

If you are unable to complete all of your 9 Months & More clinic visits, you can still earn $15 for completing the postpartum checkup. Just print the Postpartum Checkup Postcard and bring it to your clinic visit and have your doctor or nurse sign it. Then mail it in to the address on the card within ​90 days of delivery.

*In order to earn the $15, your postpartum check-up must be within 21 to 56 days after delivery. You must send the card in within ​​90 days of delivery. This reward may not be combined with the 9 Months & More postpartum reward.


For more resources about pregnancy, visit your Personal Wellness Portal.MyChart link



If you have any questions about 9 Months & More, call

  • 608.821.4907
  • Or 866.884.4601 Ext. 54907