Find out what to look for in health insurance quotes in Madison, WI.

What to Look for in Wisconsin Health Insurance Quotes

Today, it’s easy to compare health insurance quotes in Wisconsin (WI). Plans are now divided into different levels, called metal levels. This can help make comparing similar plans easier. Even so, how do you really know if quotes from different companies are really similar?


Costs associated with the health insurance quote

Metal Level  Health insurance quotes in WI are divided up into five levels that determine how you share the cost of health care – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Catastrophic Health Care Plans
Premiums Health insurance quotes within the same metal level will probably have similar premium costs. However, you need to look deeper to compare the total price of the insurance coverage
Out-of-pocket These costs include deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. Be sure to compare these costs as well as the premium costs when you’re pricing insurance plans

Type of provider network included in the health insurance quote

You may want to check what kind of network is part of the health insurance quote. Check to see that the doctors, clinics and hospitals you want are part of the network included in the quote. For example, you may find a quote that looks inexpensive, only to discover that your favorite doctor is not in-network. It is possible that you will be responsible for paying all of the cost for using out-of-network doctors and clinics. Have a look at Unity's provider networks.


Before you accept a quote for health insurance, be sure you know what you’re getting.

Many factors are involved in buying health insurance. Even though health insurance quotes have been categorized into metal levels and all ACA-compliant plans in WI must cover certain health services, it's still a good idea to know exactly what your quote includes.

Unity’s customer service is ready and willing to help you sort through the quotes and find a plan that meets your needs. Get a quote for health insurance in WI and compare plans today.