Get help with how to choose a health plan in Madison, Wisconsin.

How to Choose a Health Plan in Wisconsin

Choosing health insurance can be very difficult. How do you sort through all of the choices? Premiums, coverage, provider networks, deductibles – what is the right mix to fit your Wisconsin (WI) lifestyle?

You’re in luck, because Unity is here to help. Before you sign up for a plan, there are some things you may want to know. The articles below may help you make an informed decision about your health plan. In WI, many types of health care plans are available. Choosing a health insurance plan is important. It’s worth taking the time to learn about your options, so have a look at the articles below. Once you’re ready to choose a plan, get a quote from Unity.

Still not sure which WI health plan to choose? Unity is here to help you find a good fit for you and your family. For more information on health insurance, check out our helpful insurance resources or contact us.

Five Categories of Health Care Plans

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has prompted health insurance companies to offer health care plans in five categories. The category you choose determines how you and your plan share the costs of care. This structure helps make it easy to compare health care plans from a range of companies. Read more.

Five Things to Consider When Looking for Health Insurance Benefits in Wisconsin

Choosing health insurance is an important decision. If you know the key factors to consider, making the decision may be a little easier.
Read more.

How to Choose Health Insurance in Wisconsin for Your Family Member with Special Needs

Knowing how to choose the right health insurance can be a daunting task for anyone, but for those who must also consider special needs, this choice takes on greater responsibility. How do you know if an insurance plan will cover the services and doctors your family member with special needs will require? Read more.

Good Health Insurance Plans Are Not One Size Fits All

A good health insurance plan is not “one size fits all.” People’s needs in health insurance differ depending on their unique situation. Here are three situations that may require different approaches to finding a good fit in a health insurance plan. Read more.

What to Look for in Wisconsin Health Insurance Quotes

Today, it’s easy to compare health insurance quotes in Wisconsin. Plans are now divided into different levels, called metal levels. This can help make comparing similar plans easier. Even so, how do you really know if quotes from different companies are really similar? Read more.