How much a health insurance plan is in Madison, Wisconsin depends on a variety of factors.

How Much is Health Insurance in Madison, Wisconsin?

The cost of health insurance premiums in Madison and throughout Wisconsin is generally determined by six factors –

  1. The health plan level you choose (silver, bronze and catastrophic are generally the cheapest)
  2. Whether you qualify for a tax credit in the Health Insurance Marketplace (depends on your household income)
  3. Where you live in Wisconsin (premiums may vary by area)
  4. How many people will be covered under the plan (individual vs. family)
  5. Your age (the older you are, the more you may pay)
  6. Whether you use tobacco (you’ll pay more if you use tobacco)

All of these factors come into play to answer the question “How much is health insurance?”

A recent report put the average 201​6 Wisconsin health insurance premium at $3​33 per month for a silver (mid-level) health plan1. This amount is a benchmark. Your unique situation helps determine how much health insurance premiums in WI will cost you.

For example, in 201​​​6, monthly premiums for a 21-year old non-smoker in Madison, Wisconsin may range from about $1​52 to $​381 without subsidies.


How much is health insurance with an advanced premium tax credit?

If you make between 100 and 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), you may be able to receive help with your monthly health insurance premium costs. Find out if you qualify.


Other help with health insurance costs

Depending on your income, you may get help with your monthly premiums and / or out-of-pocket costs. Cost Share Reductions provide assistance with costs you pay when you use health care services.

Unity’s Get a Quote tool can help you determine if you may qualify for a tax credit, which will help determine how much your health insurance will cost.

Learn more about Advanced Premium Tax Credits and Cost Share Reductions.


Additional Help for Dane County and Wisconsin Residents

  • Dane County residents who make 100 to 133 percent of the FPL may qualify for additional help from HealthConnect through United Way of Dane County. Learn more about HealthConnect
  • Individuals who make less than 100 percent of the FPL may qualify for BadgerCare Plus. Learn more about BadgerCare Plus
  • Rock ​County ​residents who make 100-150% of the FPL​ may qualify for additional help ​from Share + C​ARE through the Monroe Clinic Hospital Foundation. Learn more about Share + Care

Estimate your health insurance costs in WI and if you qualify for subsidies with our Get a Quote tool.