Stay informed about health insurance for families in Madison, Wisconsin.

Health Insurance for Families in Wisconsin

Your family holds a special place in your heart, so finding the right Wisconsin (WI) health insurance plan for your family is important. Help protect your family (and your heart) by making the right choice for your insurance. Browse our helpful resources and articles. We’ve put together information and tips on buying family insurance in WI. Topics include –

  • How to find a plan that may fit everyone's needs
  • Who qualifies for a family health plan  
  • More affordable family health insurance options
  • Plan types, benefits and coverage for family health insurance in Wisconsin
  • What’s included in a family health insurance plan

Are you looking for health insurance for families in WI? Unity is here to help you choose the right plan for you and your loved ones. Get a quote for a family health insurance plan or contact us to learn more about family coverage.

Is It Possible to Buy Cheap Insurance for Families in Wisconsin?

Monthly premium cost may be the main factor in choosing health insurance plans for families. However, when choosing a plan, it may be wise to look deeper than just the cost of the premium. Read more.

What Do Family Health Insurance Plans in WI Cover?

Most family health insurance plans in Wisconsin offer all essential health benefits if they are an Affordable Care Act (ACA-compliant) plan. Because of the ACA, insurance plans in Wisconsin generally must cover the same essential health benefits. However, it’s good to know a few things before you purchase secondary health insurance for your family in Wisconsin. Read more.

Secondary Health Insurance Plans for Families in WI – What You Should Know

Secondary health insurance plans may help cover health care expenses not covered by a primary plan. Secondary plans usually work with a primary plan you or your spouse may get through an employer. Some people choose to purchase them in addition to an individual plan. However, it’s good to know a few things before you purchase secondary health insurance for your family in Wisconsin. Read more.

Considerations for Multi-Generational Families Seeking Health Care Insurance Quotes

Getting healthcare insurance quotes for a typical family in Wisconsin is easy, but what do you have to consider when you have a more complicated family situation? Can you have both your parents and your kids on your family plan? What about an aunt or an uncle who lives with you? Read more.

All About Family Medical Insurance Plans for Newlyweds

The wedding’s over and now it’s time to look at things you may have put off, such as finding medical insurance. Now that you’re a family, it’s time to plan for the future and that means thinking about health care needs. Read more.

What are the Qualifications for Domestic Partner Health Insurance in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, recognition of domestic partnership is provided by law. One of the benefits of domestic partnership is the ability to cover domestic partners (and their qualifying children) on one health insurance policy. Read more.

HMO, PPO & POS Health Insurance for a Family of Four – Which is Better?

Finding the right health insurance for a family of four depends on a number of factors, including the age of the family members, whether the children are adult children or under age 18 and, of course, the budget. Read more.

A Comparison of Two Cheap Family Health Insurance Options in Wisconsin

When you’re looking for cheap health insurance in Wisconsin for your family, it’s difficult to tell which plan to choose. Read more.

For a Healthy Family, Insurance is Still Important

Paying family health insurance premiums may seem like a waste of money if your family is healthy. But even for a healthy family, insurance is still important and here's why. Read more.

Which Family Health Insurance Plans in Wisconsin Are More Affordable?

When you’re looking for affordable family health insurance, the right choice depends on your family’s unique situation. Read more.