Health insurance for children only in Madison, Wisconsin can make getting coverage for your kids more affordable.

Five Reasons To Consider Health Insurance in Wisconsin for Children Only

Have you considered a health insurance plan just for your child? Maybe it’s time that you did – health insurance plans for children only may offer you more flexibility. Below are five reasons why you might want to consider health insurance plans just for your child.


  1. For low-income residents of Wisconsin, your child may qualify for BadgerCare Plus, a free or low-cost program that offers plans just for kids

  2. It's possible that extending your employer-sponsored insurance coverage to your children is expensive. But, with children-only health insurance, you may still get your kids covered at a more affordable price

  3. If you only have one child, child-only health plans might save you money. Unlike group policies that typically charge the same rate no matter how many children you add to your plan, individual child plans allow you to pay for only the number of children you need covered

  4. If you have a child with special needs, you may be able to choose a child-only health insurance plan that includes more coverage for your child without having to pay for additional coverage for your whole family

  5. You can choose a higher metal level plan for your children only and opt for coverage on a lower metal level plan for yourself

Are you ready to look into health insurance for children only?