Get resources on health insurance for children in Madison, Wis.

Health Insurance for Children in Wisconsin

Don't purchase just any health plan to protect your little ones – choose the right Wisconsin health insurance for your children. The articles on this page have helpful tips and important facts that you may need to know before you choose a health plan. It’s time to make a smart decision that may help benefit your family for years to come. Get a variety of helpful information on – 

  • More affordable medical insurance options for kids in WI
  • What a child health plan includes
  • The benefits of children only health plans
  • How long your children can be covered under your plan  
  • Coverage information for newborns and infants

Searching for a health insurance plan in WI for children? Unity is here to help you choose the right plan for your family. Get a quote today for child-only health plans or family health plans.

Five Reasons To Consider Health Insurance in Wisconsin for Children Only

Have you considered a health insurance plan just for your child? Maybe it’s time that you did – health insurance plans for children only may offer you more flexibility. Read more.

Affordable Health Insurance Options for Kids in Wisconsin (WI)

As a parent, it may be a struggle to balance the costs of health insurance with your other expenses. Whether you have little kids or young adults, you always want to provide your children with the best protection. Read more.

Six Things to Know About Children’s Health Insurance in Wisconsin (WI)

Look here for six important things to know about health coverage for your kids. Read more.

Which Pediatric Vaccinations are Covered by Baby Health Insurance in Wisconsin?

Almost all vaccinations for your baby should be covered by your health insurance. Baby health insurance plans in Wisconsin that meet the Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules include vaccinations for newborns. Read more.

Does Kids Health Insurance Typically Cover Mental Health Services?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires health insurance plans to cover certain mental health services for kids, ages zero to 18. All kids covered under ACA-complaint health insurance in Wisconsin receive certain benefits. Read more.

Healthy Kids Insurance Perks That May Surprise You

People generally buy health insurance for their kids to make sure they’re covered if they get sick. Did you know that your health insurance policy may offer benefits for healthy kids as well? Read more.

Your Options for Infant Health Insurance in Wisconsin

Having a baby? Congratulations! A new baby brings many new decisions and one of the most important is to find the right health insurance for your infant. Read more.

Four Tips for Getting Health Insurance for Newborns in Wisconsin

If you’ve just had a baby – Congratulations! Caring for your new family member is priority #1, and making sure your newborn has the right health insurance coverage is essential. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance for Babies in Wisconsin

If you’re having a baby (or adopting a baby) and are uninsured, or your current plan doesn’t cover family members, you’re probably looking to find some health insurance for your new family member. Here are nine frequently asked questions prospective parents have about health insurance for babies. Read more.

Does Your Child Health Insurance Plan Provide Enough Coverage?

If you’ve had the same health plan for years and you are expecting or recently welcomed a child, it may be a good time to review the health insurance coverage for your child.  Did you know that if you buy an ACA-compliant directly from an insurance company or on, you automatically get coverage for certain services for your child? Read more.