Learn 3 surprising facts about health insurance quotes in Madison, WI.

Three Surprising Facts about Health Insurance Quotes

Finding health insurance quotes online just takes a few clicks, but the information those quotes offer may lead to major headaches down the road. Avoid unwelcome surprises by staying knowledgeable about your options. These facts may surprise you and they might also save you thousands.


1. A discount card is not the same as health insurance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, medical discount cards often masquerade as insurance policies. They may promise steep discounts on doctor's visits and other medical expenses. The problem? Those discount cards aren't governed by the same protections that health insurance companies are. Plus, they may offer very limited coverage along with lots of hidden fees. Know what you're purchasing and check with the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance to make sure you're getting a quote for an insurance plan, not just a discount program. 


2. You may not need a new policy if you’re eligible for COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act ). 

If you lost insurance coverage due to workplace layoffs, you might be eligible for COBRA. This program ensures that you continue to receive insurance through your former employer for a specified period of time. While you will be responsible for paying the entire premium, this option will give you time to research other health insurance policies or look for another job that provides health insurance. Learn more about COBRA.


3. Health insurance scams do exist, so you need to make sure you choose a reputable company. 

It’s easy to search for health insurance quotes online and make your decision without picking up the phone or setting foot into an office. But to avoid scams and gather information, nothing compares to talking to an actual insurance professional. An agent may help you fully understand the details of the policy you're considering. Health insurance is a big investment, so do your online research. It’s a good idea to also talk with someone at the health insurance company you’re considering. This will help ensure you’re not overlooking the fine print and you have all of your questions answered before you sign on the dotted line. 


If you’re looking for health insurance quotes in Wisconsin and are ready to see your policy options, get an insurance quote now or contact us for help in choosing the perfect insurance policy for you and your family.