Find a list of health insurance companies in Madison, WI in these three places.

Where to Find a List of Health Insurance Companies in Wisconsin?


Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Website

    A good place to look for a list of health insurance companies in Wisconsin may be the website for the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. This is also a good place to look for health insurance providers that are licensed in the state.

    You may do a Company Lookup search with Health Maintenance Org as the company type, then type in WI in state field.This search displays a list of companies that offer HMO health insurance in Wisconsin, along with a link to an information page about the company. Please note, the information page may not help you if you’re actually looking for a health insurance plan.


Check the Health Insurance Marketplace

    You may view a list of medical insurance companies that offer ACA-compliant health plans in Wisconsin and view those plans directly on the Health Insurance Marketplace website. Keep in mind that the Health Insurance Marketplace may not list all WI health insurance companies – just the companies that are offering plans on the health insurance marketplace.


Quality Ratings Lists

    Not only can you get a list of some of the top health insurance providers, but you can also compare quality scores of local insurers. The National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) provides a health plan report card. The health insurance companies on this list voluntarily submit their information for evaluation.


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