Learn about the discounts that health insurance plans in Madison, Wisconsin may offer with your coverage.

Can I Get a Discount on Health Insurance Plans in Wisconsin?

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers subsidies for those who qualify, insurance companies don’t offer discounts on health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs. However, some plans may offer certain discounts or rebates. For example, some wellness programs offered by health insurance plans may offer discounts or reimbursements on classes, healthy foods, fitness activities and more.

Examples of discounts that health insurance plans may include are –

  • Health and Wellness Classes – Some health insurance plans provide discounts or rebates for a variety of classes including stress management, mindfulness and weight management. In addition, classes focusing on specific conditions may be offered as well. For example, Unity members who attend clinic-based wellness programs from approved health centers can get an annual reimbursement for the classes of up to $100 (for individuals) or $200 (for families). This benefit is available through the Fitness FirstSM & More program which helps discount the cost of approved classes and is a valuable health plan benefit.

  • Integrative Medicine – Health insurance companies may also provide discounts on restorative activities such as massages, acupuncture and different types of bodywork. Unity offers up to $200 per year towards these activities.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Rewards  – Some health insurance companies offer some kind of rebate or discount on the cost of belonging to a health club. Unity’s Fitness First & More program is a great example of how these programs work.

  • Tobacco Cessation – If you want to stop using tobacco, you’re in luck! By law, health insurance plans must cover tobacco cessation treatments – at no cost to you if you meet the criteria. No cost services include –
    • Screening for tobacco use by a health care provider
    • Two quit attempts per year. Each quit attempt includes –
      • Four sessions of counseling greater than 10 minutes each (by phone, one-on-one or group)
      • A 90-day prescription for all medications approved by the FDA for tobacco cessation

In addition to these benefits, other discounts and assistance may be provided by health plans. These may include discounts on tobacco cessation classes, health coaching, stress management classes and other services that can help you kick the habit.


If you're looking for health insurance plans in Wisconsin that offer a variety of discounts and reimbursements , be sure to check out the health and wellness rewards available through Unity Health Insurance. Or, get a quote today!