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A Culture of Health

Create a Culture of Health & Well-being

Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost US employers $226 billion annuallly1.

When an employer integrates health & wellness with safety programs, the employees, as well as the business reap the following rewards:

  1. A happier, less stressful workplace
  2. Greater job satisfaction and longevity
  3. Better business performance
  4. Higher levels of engagement2

Quartz supports the development of an integrated approach that aligns health goals with business goals. The new Quartz Well program encourages employees to be actively involved in their health by making it easy to track activities and earn rewards.

Our employer wellness programs offer Health Risk Assessments, flu clinics and other resources to help employers integrate wellness into normal operations. With the rising cost of health care, it’s important to know that when an employer creates a culture of health, employees are three times more likely to take action to improve their health.3

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