​Changes of Note in 2018

Claims Platform Changes for Gundersen Members

The Claims Platform for Gundersen members, including Senior Choice, Senior Preferred and some other members is changing. All Quartz affiliates and products are migrating to the Tapestry platform. (Physicians Plus members will be migrating later in 2018 or early 2019).


Most cards will feature the Quartz Branding.  See more here.



Help Promote the Quartz Brand to Your Patients!

If your clinic / facility has signage that features the Unity Health Insurance logo, please contact your Provider Coordinator.

We’ll arrange for you to get new Quartz signage that will reinforce what members will see on their ID Cards.

Changes –

  • Unity BadgerCare members will migrate to an offering on the Gundersen Health Plan license.
  • Gundersen Health Plan and Physicians Plus Insurance Corp. ETF (State of Wisconsin) members will migrate to an offering the Unity license.
  • Gundersen Health Plan individual commercial members and small groups in Wisconsin will move to an offering on the Unity license over the course of 2018.
  • The brand name for all product offerings (except Senior Preferred) will become Quartz.

The Complex Case Management Fax Number Has Changed!
It is now:  608.833.3203