Be sure to check ID Cards
Don't Forget to Check!

ID Cards

ID CardsAs of January 1, Unity is welcoming many patients who were formerly covered by Gundersen Health Plan. It’s very important to check ID cards for every patient to make sure you bill the right health plan.

Please note that claims need to be split for former Gundersen patients. Everything before 1/1/17 should be billed to Gundersen Health Plan, and everything on or after 1/1/17 should be billed to Unity.

The Prior Authorization List – Especially for Quartz®

Quartz Prior AuthBenefits for Quartz participants vary by employer group. It is very important to review the Prior Authorization List in MyPlanTools for each participant to see if a Prior Authorization is required for a service or medication. Prior Authorization requirements are not the same for every Quartz participant.