Organizational Structure Announced

Unity Health Insurance and Gundersen Health Plan Announce Organizational Structure

Unity Health Insurance (Unity) and Gundersen Health Plan (GHP) announced the merger structure and top executive team of the combined organization.

The merger combines the two health plans, not the health systems with whom they are affiliated. Both health plans have a long presence in their local markets. Under the new structure, Unity and GHP will be co-owned by UW Health and Gundersen Health System. The combined entity will serve members throughout southern and western Wisconsin and parts of Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The new size, range of products and expanded geography enhances the companies’ ability to leverage best products and practices, and grow beyond current service areas.

The combined organization serves approximately 269,000 members. Customers will continue to be served from existing health plan offices located in Middleton, Onalaska and Sauk City, Wisconsin. Customers should continue to contact their respective health plan.

The Boards of Directors named a new management team, which represents leadership from multiple locations and is representative of leaders from both GHP and Unity. This executive team will operate GHP, Unity and Quartz®. Terry Bolz was named the President and CEO and Gary Lenth, MD, was named the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Executive Vice President of the companies. 

“We look forward to this exciting new chapter for our combined organization,” Bolz said. “With our experienced new executive team, we have a strong, focused company able to deliver superior solutions and choices for our customers and better serve the healthcare needs of our communities. Customers can remain confident of our commitment to excellent coverage and outstanding customer service that our organizations are known for, and guaranteed access to Gundersen Health System, UW Health and a wide range of other medical providers.”

Dr. Lenth added, “Our merger creates a larger, stronger and more competitive organization with a solid portfolio of comprehensive products and opportunities for growth. As provider-sponsored health plans, customers have continued access to local health systems where local providers make decisions regarding care.”

Conversations between the Unity and GHP began some time ago. The goal has consistently been to better serve the health care needs of their communities by providing a broad array of insurance products.

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