October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s a great time to encourage screening and engage in conversations about breast cancer risks.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women.  About 12% of U.S. women will develop breast cancer. However, the five-year relative survival rate for women with stage 0 or stage I breast cancer is close to 100%.*

Mammography is recommended every one to two years for women ​older than age 50.  Screening mammography is covered at no cost to the patient as a preventive service under the Affordable Care Act. 

As a part of an effort to encourage preventive services, members deficient in breast cancer screening receive a reminder letter in the spring and fall.  Reminder calls are also made to Unity members outside of Dane County deficient in breast cancer screening in the fall. 

This fall, we will be hosting a mammo party for Unity females age 50 and older who are in need of a mammogram.  This will be the fourth mammo party that Unity has hosted in the past few years.  If you are interested in having your clinic host this event, please contact the Health Services department at 608.821.4296.  The event will feature a health fair with give-a-ways, refreshments and educational information for attendees.


Source: *cancer.org, breastcancer.org