Unity Pharmacy
Changes with ePocrates

Formulary UpdateChanges with ePocrates and Unity Formulary Information

Since 2002 Unity has contracted with ePocrates to make Unity’s formulary available on the ePocrates application.  Unity was recently informed that ePocrates is not renewing payer formulary hosting contracts as they expire as they are soon to embark on a major rebuild of their entire application.  This means that Unity’s formulary will no longer be available on ePocrates after September 14, 2016.  It is likely that other payer formularies will become unavailable as their contracts expire throughout the year.  Additionally, ePocrates expects their application to come completely off-line for a period of time in late 2016 or early 2017.

Unity understands that ePocrates is a tool that is widely utilized by our Unity providers and that this will be a big change for some.   To help with this transition we wanted to let you know where else you can get Unity’s current formulary information.

Other sources of Unity formulary information –

  1. Unity website (both PDF and electronic):  https://unityhealth.com/drugformulary/formulary-list
  2. Formulary information populated in Healthlink in Encounter Navigator for prescribing.
  3. MMIT formulary app for smart phones:  in app store, called "Formulary Search" by MMIT

On Unity’s website you will see four different formularies listed for members that have prescription coverage with Unity.   A description of which formulary applies to which Unity member is below.  However, the formularies are very similar.  The key difference is that the non-“Choice” formularies require PA for all Tier 3 medications.  Additionally, the website allows the user to enter the member number to direct them to the correct formulary for that member.

When prescribing, use the "Standard Choice” formulary and search the therapeutic category of interest to find Tier 1 or Tier 2 medications within the category.

Standard Choice
This Formulary serves members whose pharmacy benefits are covered by a fixed copay on a three- or four-Tier plan and are part of the Unity network.

This Formulary serves members with HSA plans and features a one- or two-Tier Pharmacy Benefit in the Unity Network.

Metal Choice
This formulary serves members who purchased a metal Tier (Platinum, ​Gold, Silver or Bronze) plan that features fixed copays for prescriptions. Networks include Prime, Elite and Beloit One.

This formulary serves members who purchased a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Catastrophic plan with pharmacy benefits that are subject to deductible and coinsurance and have no fixed copays. Networks include Prime, Elite and Beloit One.

For State and Local Government Unity Members, please visit Navitus for information about their prescription drug benefits.

For BadgerCare Plus Unity members, please call the Department of Health and Family Services at 800.362.3002 for information about their prescription drug benefits.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change you can direct them to the UW Health Pharmacy Benefit Management Program at 888.450.4884.