Welcome to ​Quartz

Thank you for choosing ​Quartz! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use your health plan. To help you, we've created this member kit to walk you through important details.

Pharmacy Benefits

Here are some steps to take to review and use your drug coverage –

  • Identify your benefit and review the Drug Formulary to see if your current medication is covered and at what copayment
  • Check to see if your medications (needed on a chronic basis and at a stable dosage) qualify for the Choice90 program
  • Receive Free Home Delivery* when you fill your prescriptions at a UW Health pharmacy. Contact the pharmacy for more information
    *Delivery available in Fitchburg, Madison, Middleton and Monona

Where to find information when you have questions –

To check the formulary status or restriction status of a drug Quartz offers four drug formularies, depending on your plan. Visit Quartz's Prescription Drug Formulary page to find your formulary
To Find a Pharmacy Visit Find a Pharmacy
To appeal a Prior Authorization denial Call Customer Service at 800.362.3310
To speak to a clinical pharmacist about why a Prior Authorization Request was denied Call UW Health Pharmacy Benefit Management Program at 888.450.4884
For criteria for coverage of a medication Call UW Health Pharmacy Benefit Management Program at 888.450.4884 or view the Medication Prior Authorization information
Early refills, vacation supplies, emergency supplies, new member supply, reimbursement of medications purchased out-of-pocket  Visit Understanding Your Pharmacy Benefits



This Member Kit is for members who have ​insurance through an employer group.
If you have insurance through the State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program, BadgerCare Plus or
have purchased an Individual and Family Plan, please select the correct member kit for information about your plan.