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Unity’s Website Was Not Impacted by Heartbleed Vulnerability

SAUK CITY, Wisconsin -- On April 9, 2014, researchers announced that they uncovered a major online security flaw, called “Heartbleed.” This flaw can be found in websites that use OpenSSL, an encryption technology used by some secure websites that collect personal and financial data. This vulnerability could be used to steal usernames, passwords and more.

Unity has not been impacted by the Heartbleed security issue. We do not use software based on the OpenSSL where the flaw exists. Unity's in-house security team has confirmed that our servers were not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack. Please be assured that members can continue to be confident using unityhealth.com, MyPlanTools and MyChart.

At this point Unity sees no reason for you to change your secure passwords, unless you use the same password for multiple websites.


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